Body Lotions

Enchanteur Body Lotions Benefits

Looking for a dreamy addition to your bathing routine?

Want to feel like you are sitting in the lap of nature and soak in the beauty with all your senses?

Going for a day outing with your beau and want to recreate French romance?

Want to look and feel elegant for your next girls outing?

Look no further. With our exquisite range of Enchanteur Body Lotions, your blissful dreams are finally going to come true!

Every moisturizing body lotion is made of skin-friendly ingredients like aloe vera, lemon and olive butter that always keep you fresh and make your skin smooth and supple. Aloe vera restores the skin’s natural shine, soothes it and boosts healing. Olive butter, enriched with antioxidants, improves skin tone and elasticity. Lemon refreshes the skin, leaving it with a citrusy smell. All you need is a dollop of Enchanteur Body Lotion to feel alive and care free again.

The Charming Body Lotion is made of healing and skin rejuvenating constituents. It also leaves a beautiful scent of flowers as it is infused with the signature Enchanteur Charming Perfume that can accentuate your feminine side. The classy perfume reeks of a unique smell of roses, muguet and zesty citrus. The top notes are of roses and muguet, the heart notes are of citrus and the base notes are of cedar wood and roses. With this lotion, you can show your classy and sophisticated self to the world!

The Romantic Body Lotion is made of skin loving ingredients as well. Laced with the Enchanteur Romantic Perfume, it will make you smell sweet with its floral and romantic notes. The scent is a medley of bulgarian roses, white jasmines and violets. The top notes are of mandarin, neroli, violet leaf and galbanum. The middle notes are of jasmine, rose, ylang, tuberose, muguet, carnation and mimosa. The bottom notes are of sandalwood, orris, oakmoss, vanilla, amber and musk. With this lotion, show your cheerful side to the world!

Crafted with lot of love and care, the Enchanteur range is sourced from different parts of the world and is brought to you in the best shape and form. Today, it has floored women in over 40 countries and has produced the best moisturizing body lotion in India. These lotions are crafted keeping in mind the Indian weather. Their light yet hydrating formula is perfect for normal to oily skin. The non-sticky feel leaves you with a premium experience.

To make best use of these body lotions, all you need to do is follow a ritual to get a spa-like experience. These lotions should ideally be used after shower, but can be used whenever you step out. Squeeze a few drops of body lotion and evenly massage it on your body, you can be generous on parts that need more loving and gentleness like your elbows and knees. You will instantly feel the moisture seeping in, your skin will look radiant and you will smell like a bouquet of flowers. And lo and behold! you will be ready to romance your date, beaming and dowsed in Parisian elegance.  

These body lotions come in attractive packages and are scented with the classic and authentic French perfume, used by beautiful women like you, worldwide. What makes the body lotions a first choice among millions of women is that these body lotions are special not only in their look and feel, but also in how they can be used. The entire Enchanteur range has been designed for layering to help you create an unforgettable impression. This involves using various products of a collection to enhance the sensory pleasure and get a wholesome experience. Layering helps to ensure the longevity of the fragrance and intensifies the notes.

Before using the Enchanteur Body Lotion, indulge in our bathing products - Enchanteur Perfumed Soap or Shower Gel for a refreshing shower. This will leave you feeling clean and fresh. Post shower, wipe your skin and apply the Enchanteur Body Lotion generously. Layer it with other products like Enchanteur Roll-on Deo or Deo Spray. Dab some Enchanteur Perfumed Talc for soft skin. Finally spray the Enchanteur Perfume as a finishing touch. All these products are premium yet affordable, and are also available with 3 interest free payments. These products are available across ranges like Romantic and Charming. You can stick to a Romantic ritual for some days and the Charming ritual for other days! If you feel bold and experimental, you can also mix and match products across our ranges to have your own personalised routine and scent.   

Post this layering ritual, you can find yourself transported to the lanes of Paris, dreaming about a little dance with your beau as our signature scent lifts the air around.

For the woman who wants to feel charming and care-free, for the woman who is in love with beauty and elegance, for the woman who playfully goes through her day and for the woman who loves flamboyance and flowers, Enchanteur is the perfect fit for you.

Shop from our exclusive Enchanteur range of best body lotions in India today and envelop yourself in romance and charm. Enchanteur body lotion price shows that it’s complete value for money for the exquisite fragrance it is made of. You can buy body lotions online in india or from the store nearest to you.


1) What are the body lotions offered by Enchanteur?
Enchanteur offers a range of body lotions with different fragrances such as Romantic, Alluring, Charming, and Enticing.

2) Are Enchanteur body lotions suitable for all skin types?
Enchanteur body lotions are suitable for normal to dry skin types.

3) Do Enchanteur body lotions contain parabens?
Enchanteur body lotions are free from parabens. Best paraben free body lotion in india.

4) Are Enchanteur body lotions tested on animals?
No, Enchanteur does not test its products on animals.

5) Where can I purchase Enchanteur body lotions?
Enchanteur body lotions are available on their website

6) How to use perfumed body lotions?
Apply Enchanteur body lotion on clean, dry skin after a shower or bath, and massage gently until absorbed.

7) Is enchanteur body lotion good for face face? What Will Happen?
Enchanteur Body Lotions are designed and formulated for use on the body and are not recommended for use on the face. Your facial skin cannot absorb the thick formula of the body lotion.

8) What is the benefit of Enchanteur Body Lotion?
Enchanteur Body Lotions provides a range of benefits that keep the skin looking and feeling healthy, moisturized, and nourished.

9) Is there any side effects of Enchanteur lotion?
Enchanteur body lotions are generally safe to use and do not have any major side effects.

10) Is it safe to use body lotion daily?
Yes, you can (and often should) use body lotions every day to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.